It’s Friday…What Did You Learn This Week? 8/20/2010

August 20, 2010

It’s Friday, and time to share some quick things I learned this week:

  1. Educators are dreaming up some pretty creative ideas for using technology to free up more time for personal instruction in large intro courses;
  2. Advertisements are coming to an e-book near you, sooner rather than later;
  3. One management prof at Texas Tech replaced his “boring” textbook with a graphic novel and saw student success rates increase significantly;
  4. And finally, the University of Phoenix is once again under fire for recruitment practices.

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2 Responses to “It’s Friday…What Did You Learn This Week? 8/20/2010”

  1. Andrew Bender Says:

    Re: the graphic novel textbook. Sounds like a great experiment. As the article mentions, it goes against the current trend of atomizing/modularizing educational content.

    Also, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned “The Goal”, a novel about operational efficiency. It’s standard reading in a lot of B schools.

  2. […] we mentioned in our earlier post, Flat World Knowledge has released a new graphic novel textbook, Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed. […]

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