We Have Seen The Future…and We Have Named It 0-978-9834557-9-0

March 18, 2011

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Eleven Learning family:  ISBN 0-978-9834557-9-0, registered with the Library of Congress for the forthcoming book Developmental Linear Algebra:  The Path to Mathematical Maturity by James Hefferon of St. Michael’s College.

With that number, we have moved one step closer to publishing the first completely new, commercially viable, open source linear algebra textbook.  You can count on one hand the number of new linear algebra textbooks launched by Big Publishing during the past decade. The number of viable independently-published titles over that same period is zero.

Together with Jim and the team of volunteer peersoucing editors, we’re on the verge of doing something remarkable with this project.  While getting an ISBN is a simple exercise, it’s still exciting and invigorating to us, and it’s a wake-up call to everyone who didn’t think this was the real deal.

Some of you may wonder why we aren’t doing away with legacy concepts like ISBNs. We debated that ourselves. In the end, we decided that ISBNs weren’t part of the Textbook Problem: they make it easier to locate, adopt, and order our textbooks. So we’re keeping the baby as we throw away the bathwater.

In this case, the baby’s name is 0-978-9834557-9-0.

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